About Treetop Country

Treetop Country aims to provide volunteer travellers and backpackers with a high quality, authentic, flexible, safe, and affordable experience in Thailand. Do not be deceived by our program fees. While we take great pride in being the #1 most affordable volunteer travel program in the country, we take even more pride in the level of quality and accommodation that we provide. We give you a special experience in a real Thai village with real Thai people. This is not tourism, it’s the real deal.

Our Mission

Our goal is to further the education and quality of life of the people living in Wiang Pa Pao. This will be accomplished through our continued presence within the community, the growth of our sustainable economic and educational initiatives, and through the skills and expertise that our travellers bring to Treetop Country with them. You have more value and more to offer than you have been led to believe! 


Lastly, we aim to give you, the volunteers and backpackers, a life altering experience that will leave you changed forever. You’ll come to realize that your time at Treetop Country is as much about learning, growing, and receiving as it is about teaching, helping, and giving.

Founder’s Story

Sasi Meechai’s fascinating life began as a little girl growing up in Wiang Pa Pao, Chiang Rai. Her family struggled with poverty like so many others from the village have, but she learned a great deal from her humble beginnings. Now when Sasi returns to the village every year with her husband Allan Lim, they receives a hero’s welcome, as she has built herself into a world-renowned Thai chef who has been celebrated by international stars like Mick Jagger, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jessica Alba. 

Although Allan and Sasi have found great success in Toronto, Canada, Sasi has never forgotten her roots. Every year she and Allan come back to the village to throw community parties and impart lessons to the youth of Wiang Pa Pao. They have funded several business and educational ventures for the village and have provided water filtration systems and food security measures.

Treetop Country is their masterpiece, it is the physical embodiment of all that they stand for. It’s a dream factory that connects the village to the rest of the world and all of its possibilities. The volunteers and backpackers that come to stay at Treetop Country provide inspiration, education, and possibility for the village. In turn, these travellers leave humbled, empowered, and with friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Allan and Sasi have created a model for sustainability, growth, hope, and meaningful connection. Their ambitions and dreams are all built into the project itself, and you will only be able to understand just how magical a place Treetop Country is once you have experienced it for yourself.


We are located in the beautiful village called Wiang Pa Pao, in the northern Thailand province, Chiang Rai. Wiang Pa Pao is said to be nature’s gift to its people. With flowing rivers, endless scenes of greenery, and a backdrop filled out by breathtaking mountains that reach to the skies, you will be in awe of the beauty that surrounds you each day.

Aside from the scenery, you’ll be equally amazed by the kindness and compassion of the local people. All visitors at Treetop Country are treated like family. Our project, as well as the travellers who have stayed with us, have already vastly improved the lives of the local people by providing food security, clean sources of water, education, and economic opportunities. The entire village is passionate and excited about the continued growth of the project and the presence of international volunteers and backpackers!

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